A free, automatic secretary that organizes your desktop


  • One set up is all it needs
  • Keeps your desktop tidy and your files safe


  • Archiving could be more flexible


Is your desktop a chaotic collection of documents, photos and other random stuff you just left there? Restore a sense of order to your workspace with Deskcretary.

Deskcretary may have a dubious name, but it's a surprisingly useful tool. It begins with a set up that determines how the program will run.

You set an exclusion list of icons you want to keep on the desktop, choose how you want your files to be archived, restored and how often you want Deskcretary to perform a clean.

Now, every time Deskcretary cleans, your desktop will look neat and tidy, and all of those files will have been kept safe for future use.

Once you've set it up, it doesn't require more attention which is good. Finding your files again is easy, using the Deskcretary explorer.

Unfortunately you cannot determine where files are moved.

It would be useful if images were automatically moved to a picture folder, and videos the same, and so on. As it is, you can leave stuff all over your desktop, and Deskcretary will periodically sweep them all into a compressed file that you can look at later.





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